In Oklahoma, any number of catastrophes can cause significant property damage including:

• Building collapse
• Explosions
• Earthquakes
• Flooding
• Hail
• House fires
• Hurricanes and tropical storms
• Lightning
• Theft
• Tornados and high winds
• Vandalism
• Wildfires

After events such as these occur and damage results, the insurance process begins. When the damage is widespread such as after major flooding, insurance adjusters are spread thin moving from one property to the next in quick succession. If your insurance settlement offer seems too low, you’re probably right. After all, the adjuster swept in, snapped a few photos, and moved on to the next property. By hiring your own public insurance adjuster, you can be sure that all of your losses are properly accounted for and, more importantly, compensated for.

Oklahoma public adjusters perform many services including:

• Thoroughly inspects the property, documenting all losses

• Reviews your insurance policy to ensure that everything you are entitled to under the policy is considered

• Inventories all damaged and lost items

• Prepares detailed estimates of all losses including structural damage, personal property losses, landscaping losses, and anything else that was affected

• Searches for hidden damage

• Files all necessary insurance forms

• Prepares an insurance claim package that documents the entire claim including all losses

• Negotiates with the insurance company

• Represents YOUR interests, not the insurance company’s

All of these services are paid for out of your final insurance settlement as a small percentage. You pay nothing upfront for the added peace of mind – and maximized insurance settlement offer – that a public adjuster can bring.

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